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At Beacon Consulting, we’re passionate about helping businesses mitigate risks and protect their assets. Our team of experienced professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every engagement, providing tailored solutions that are designed to meet your unique needs.

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Beacon Consulting is a Nigerian-owned security risk management and intelligence consulting company based in Abuja, Nigeria. Beacon Consulting was incorporated in 2013 and has been providing bespoke security intelligence, security risk management, and training to a range of clients.

The Beacon Consulting team provides security expertise and analysis to help you adopt proactive measures to improve your security posture, facilitate compliance, and enhance operational efficiency for the safety of your business interests. We have relevant experience in security and intelligence consulting – our team of experts identifies risks and prepares you for favourable controls, giving you the peace of mind to meet your set goals and objectives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to nurture peace and safety in Nigeria, and across the Sahel region through enterprise security risk management and intelligence solutions.

Our Mission

Beacon Consulting exists to provide consistent, innovative, and practical security intelligence and enterprise risk management services that lead the way to a safer and more secure Nigeria and the Sahel Region.


Meet Our CEO

My name is Kabir Adamu, a seasoned security risk management and intelligence executive with deep experience and professional knowledge of the security industry in Nigeria and the Sahel region. I am driven by the belief that people create problems and in the solutions will be found. I lead a team of experienced security professionals whose binding principle is professionalism and promoting security for all.

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Unveiling the Brilliant Minds and Unmatched Dedication of Our Exceptional Team.

Dapo Osadare

Product Manager

Business Development Department

Margaret Lawal

Human Resource Officer

Human Resources and Administration Department

Cynthia Ugwu

Security Risk Analyst

Risk Management Department

Muhammad Adamu

Security Operations Officer

Risk Operations Department

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